Managers faced challenge in keeping employees motivated during COVID-19

Organizations exist to achieve corporate objectives and employees working in those organizations aid in achieving those objectives by working toward their individual goals and targets. The key function of managers is ‘getting things done’ through employees.

In today’s business world with rapid changes happening during COVI 19 all around, it has become challenging for managers to motivate their staff in optimizing their performance.

COVID-19 had forced everyone to work from home and make changes to remain motivated. Keeping employees focused and motivated was difficult for the manager. The motivation tips that I adopted during the COVID period have led to positive change for the rest of my work life!

Some of the ideas adopted by me are shared here.

1. Start your day with a plan or schedule.
“I had ten employees in my team. Each one was required to start his day with a plan so the routine is not disrupted. The schedule was integrated with a spell to take care of everyday life, so there would be some time to thoughtfully create a new one.”

2. Share the plan with the group
“I had fixed time to hold meeting each day with the group, listen to the plans, and share my views. Regular chatting on the phone with each of the employees who were around was like offering personal training and virtual for all. This often proved a session of reviewing performance and revising targets.”

3. Review the feedback.
“Each employee was required to prepare spreadsheet and submit it in the evening. Each employee will observe and pay attention to accomplishments. He was free to record his views about any aspect of work that will have a positive impact and motivate again tomorrow — and the next day.

These are the excerpts of an interview taken with a Marketing Manager in a Research Organization about the work style adopted during the COVID-19 period by Dr. B. L. Malhotra

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